Transformative Power and The GIFT Within You
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Transformative Power and The GIFT Within You

Transformative Power and The GIFT Within You

Entrepreneur Virginia Nava Hieger changed her career path to help others find their inner gift.  In doing so, she not only changed the direction of her career but also helped others find a more fulfilling experience in their own.

“When I decided to become an entrepreneur,” she writes on her website, “I didn’t know I was stepping into a personal transformation process and that my company was going to be transforming me. I created my company for two reasons: 1) To contribute my gifts to the world, and 2) As a place where people could come together for the betterment of the world.”

Virginia founded the Transformative Power®, where you can learn how to contribute the core essence of you and your company to the world.  She helps clients bring their inner GIFT to life in the outer world—connecting their GIFT with others, so that it can have a deeper impact in the world.  She joined “She Persisted” to discuss this and how her own background prepared her for such a journey.

Learn more about Virginia and order her books here.

For those building your business from their gift, click here.

And if you’d like to reach out to Virginia and are interested in receiving access to Their Gift Meter knowing where they are in their gift journey, click here.