Lessons In Leadership From The Modern Millennial Women
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Lessons In Leadership From The Modern Millennial Women

Lessons In Leadership From The Modern Millennial Women

courtesy of Forbes

Jules Schroeder is a contributor for Forbes and published this list for Millennial women, however we all could use the advice when it comes to being a leader professionally and in our personal lives:

  1. Know The Difference Between Yes And No.The shero is a woman who is deeply attuned to herself. Jackie Knechtel, co-founder of the Flow Mastery Program says, “Be aware of how a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ each register to you within your body. A yes will register as feeling light, free, open and expansive where a no will feel dark, heavy, closed and contracted.”   If you are uncertain, wait for further clarity be patient with yourself and give yourself the space you need to discern how you truly feel. While society’s social imperatives for women have been to be “nice” and “polite,” the modern millennial women is not willing to mask her authentic opinion. Recognize that you have a voice and don’t be afraid to use it. Speak up on your own behalf, even when what you need to say may not be well-received.
  2. Prioritize Your Self Care. The shero prioritizes her self care, knows her limits, and sets aside time for herself to recharge. Montgomery says, “taking care of yourself is the most critical part of the process, because that self care is what allows creativity to flow through you.”  I myself don’t start work until around 12pm each day. I make space in the mornings for a workout, to read, have a nourishing breakfast, and do creative activities. I find that by following this self care routine I am most productive in the 4-6 hours that I work each day, which studies have confirmed can optimize productivity.
  3. Be Ambitious. According to recent research, two-thirds of women between the age of 18 and 34 rank having a successful career high on their list of priorities, compared to just 59% of men.  While the HBR reports that men in 2017 still prefer a partner who is less professionally ambitious than them, the shero does not let this hold her back. The shero is a go-getter in her career who acts upon her own volition, and does not need others’ permission or approval.

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