Melissa and Her Special Needs Dog
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Melissa and Her Special Needs Dog

Melissa and Her Special Needs Dog

“GiGi” by Melissa Carter

Melissa talked on the show about her harrowing experience finding a medication refill for her epileptic dog, GiGi.  Melissa has written about what happens when her precious dog suffers seizures, and here is an excerpt:

I had never witnessed a seizure and wasn’t sure what to expect from an epileptic animal. That inaugural event happened one day while I was asleep.

I woke up to an odd scratching noise in the closet. Initially, I assumed the noise was one of our cats but then the noise had a cadence to the scratching that seemed abnormal. Then I realized GiGi was having a seizure.

The seizure lasted about a minute and then she trotted out of the closet, mouth dripping with foam, as if nothing had happened. I cleaned her off and apologized to her before giving her that day’s medicine early.

She drank some water, ate her food, and seemed unbothered by the experience. I, on the other hand, was nauseous with concern and watched her closely the rest of the day.

Later that evening, as GiGi was asleep, another seizure happened. Sixty seconds. All muscles out of control. Full excretion from most orifices. Then, she was up and trotting as if nothing had happened. Two more seizures followed that night.

Through the next few days, I witnessed a new bond emerge through our house.

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